Calories In A Boiled Egg- Know What You Eat

Calories In A Boiled Egg- Know What You Eat

Egg composition

If you are dieting, it is likely that every moment should ask how many calories are foods that will take. The egg is important in diets for their composition rich in proteins. Knowing the nutritional information of the eggs will certainly interest you.

An egg can be a perfect wildcard, if you are dieting and want to eat something simple and nutritious. But … how many calories are in a chicken egg?, how many calories does a boiled egg have?, and a starry ?, how many calories are in the yolk and how to clear ?.

An egg is 80,000 calories. Before deciding to eliminate them from your diet forever, usually when we talk about calories, we refer erroneously, to which are actually kilocalories, that is the equivalent of 1,000 calories. Therefore, an egg has around 80 kilocalories. (Considering an egg approximately 50 grams)


Calories in a boiled egg

Calories in a boiled egg can vary depending on the size of the egg. Of the 80 kilocalories, about 67 kilocalories match yolk and only 13 kilocalories are the clear. Neither the amount of kilocalories of a boiled egg is equal to that of a fried egg . While a boiled egg has the same amount of kilocalories that raw, mean 80; one fried egg , as the amount of oil that absorbs during cooking , may be up to 230 kilocalories .

On the other hand:  The egg shell, which is usually rejected , is not only a protective wall against the risk of contamination , incidentally, is a rich source of calcium. Egg whites for its part represent more than half of the total egg weight and are a source of high biological value proteins. The egg yolk is the responsibility of the bad reputation that reached in the diet to control cholesterol because it is rich in this and other saturated fats . But it has also polyunsaturated fats and phospholipids such as lecithin, proteins, minerals and water soluble vitamins and lip . From there that today are recognized their properties to increase good cholesterol.

How many calories does an EGG have?

1 boiled egg 71 calories

1 quail egg 16 calories

1 fried egg 105 calories

1 simple poached egg 120 calories

Egg diet to lose weight  Diet with boiled egg Basically you can follow the diet menu for 10 days and will have to eat egg before the 3 main meals of the day : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 1 boiled or poached egg , before eating any food that is before you start to eat first eat baked EGG . How much weight will I lose with this diet? This varies greatly from metabolism to overall metabolism more you lose 2-4 in 10 days. Remember that if you have very liquid retained may lose much further than practicing walking can make your final result is much better.

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