Calories In Eggs Benedict – Nutritional Facts

Calories In Eggs Benedict – Nutritional Facts

The egg is very nutritious and can be part of a healthy diet. It is a food that contains all essential amino acids for humans. It is also loaded with vitamins (especially vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, biotin, Vitamin D , A, B2 and niacin ) and minerals (phosphorus , zinc, selenium ) and is relatively low in calories ( there are 156 calories in a whole egg ) . The egg also contains fat , equivalent to about 213 mg cholesterol. Hence, for some time now it has been linked to egg with increased levels of bad cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

A large raw egg contains 75 calories, 60 of which are in bud and 15 are in the white of the egg. If you cook an egg largest oil contains 80 calories. The egg yolk is where cholesterol is found; There 213 mg of cholesterol. Egg yolks also contain saturated fats.


Eggs are one of the most consumed foods, but most people have no idea how many calories are in this source of protein. If you’re dieting, this information is very important to plan your meals.  The answer to this seemingly simple question is actually quite complex. The number of calories in an egg depends on the size of the egg and preparation. As most people do not like to eat raw eggs, a key factor in the calories we eat is the amount of calories additionally added during cooking, butter, oil, milk and or any other ingredients use .

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service, the eggs are produced in different weights and sizes. Twelve giant eggs weigh about 30 oz, Extra large eggs weigh about 27 oz, large eggs weigh about 24 oz, medium weigh about 21 oz, small weigh about 18 oz and 15 oz weigh peewee Higher is the egg, contain more calories.


Although eggs are high in cholesterol and considers that this is bad for health, cholesterol is not high on most people who eat eggs, according to the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services. Studies conducted in a number of countries have not found that egg consumption is associated with cardiovascular disease and stroke. The B vitamins in eggs may be beneficial for heart health.


Poached egg consumption is a healthy way to lose weight. Its low calorie and protein help you control your weight to maintain low calories and your appetite satisfied by what you eat less. The poached eggs also help save money because the eggs do not have a high price.

In addition, the egg is a food rich in proteins involved in the formation and repair of skin, muscle and bone cells. The eggs are a valuable contribution to a healthy and balanced diet because they provide high quality protein and several vitamins and minerals.

Calories in eggs Benedict are very less compared to scrambled egg. Remember that the key to lowering cholesterol levels is to eat a balanced diet, exercising and taking your medications if your doctor recommends it .

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