How Healthy Is Egg Drop Soup

How Healthy Is Egg Drop Soup

The soups are high in water, which means that you can fill your stomach with fewer calories. Vegetable soups; more specifically contain an additional fiber and starch (a type of carbohydrate which decomposes very slowly). Once in your stomach, receivers that send a signal to the brain saying you’ve eaten enough are activated.

Calories in egg drop soup are very less i.e. about 73 calories.

Calorie Breakdown: 50 % fat, 6% Carbs, 44 % proteins.

Many people, especially children, do not consider the soup a good food or not eat just for the pleasure. No clutch, this view may change if we know the properties of the soup and the benefits of consumption.

So I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why we consider the habit of taking an integral part of a healthy diet soup. Here you go:

1- The soup consumption helps reduce food intake: already explained that eating soup before eating generates more satiety and reduces appetite. Studies have confirmed that individuals consume 20 % fewer calories when they include soup in your diet than when it is not ingested. Of course, we always choose normal low calorie versions of soup or not those more calorie high fat content.

2- The soup decreases the energy density of the diet: Energy density is the relationship between volume and calories from the diet, the higher volume and lower calorie , lower energy density . In the case of the soup, when having high water content and few solids, has a low caloric density, ie fewer calories per serving. This soup makes a great ally of weight loss plans.

3- Take soup is healthy: Soup is not only a health food alone, but favors the acquisition of other habits that make up a healthy diet. Many varieties of soup, but most of them contain very healthy foods and a large water intake, for example, beans, rice, chicken, vegetables, pasta, oats and others. In addition, the soup contributes habit of eating slowly and take minimal time to ingest food is a food that is usually shared with other guests, something that is missing and deserves to be rescued in our food. Even the cooking method used in their preparation can take advantage of all the nutrients without wasting any , and avoid what happens when you boil vegetables that are all the nutrients in the cooking water and this usually is discarded instead of making it a rich broth .

4- It is very easy to prepare: Many of us complain about the difficulty that some foods when preparing for after serving at the table. In this case, the soup is one of the easiest to make healthy meals. Any amateur in the kitchen can experiment with it and almost certainly not going to fail. To prepare soup should only be placed in a pan of boiling water all the ingredients that we want to have, keeping in mind that the proportion of water should be considerably higher solids. In addition, there are multiple versions of soup ready to eat with only heat in microwave or add water to the powder prelist.

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