How Many Calories are in An Egg

How Many Calories are in An Egg

Poultry eggs are a good source of protein and a popular food which is , like integrated by athletes in particular bodybuilders in the menu.

Vitamins in an egg

For their high protein content , they are unbeatable , but they also contain cholesterol, which can not be left out overnight .

Integral part of many recipes are eggs, one of the few foods contain vitamin D , as well as many essential amino acids, many B vitamins , iron, phosphorus , vitamin A and E. Sometimes you may also have egg substitute in baking think .


For someone trying to eat healthier or lose weight , proper inclusion in the diet is very important . Therefore, in the aim of a possible weight reduction, care must be taken.

Whether it be in the form of protein powder ( for athletes) , cooked scrambled eggs, or even cooked poached . One thing we need to understand that the caloric content can vary greatly, depending on the origin , handling and preparation .

An average large egg , which is standard in our regions , has about 72 cal .A very big has about 98 cal. , On medium and small come less Cal. , And fat , as described understanding . Here you should pay attention to the calorie requirements, according to a calorie chart.

As can be seen from the above chart , is the average of more than 60% of cal. Out of a raw egg which comes from fat and proteins. Of which the vast majority of the fat is included in the egg yolk. If the egg yolk is separated from the protein, results in a near zero – fat source of proteins.

Calories in egg yolks and egg whites?

How many calories are in an egg is the question we hear from many people, well here’s he answer. The yolk is extremely rich in cholesterol, containing more than two-thirds of the recommended daily amount of 300 mg ! However, the yolk has many health benefits that are very good for immunity, healthy skin and nerves. The yolk contains reasonable amounts of vitamin B , vitamin A, iron and riboflavin .

Protein has very few Cal, and virtually no fat, no cholesterol, but is rich in proteins.

Size / weight of eggs Weight (grams) calories Kal. Eiweiss Cal. Protein Proein (Gramm) Cholesterol



Very Large

65 91 23 68 8,1 275


58 85 20 59 7,1 240

Medium Large

50 72 16 45 6,2 212
Medium 45 65 15 39 5,5 186


37 54 12 34 4,5 152

Fat and cholesterol

Health risks from eating raw eggs, there are more in the consumption of egg yolk, as the consumption of protein . Nevertheless, from a medical point of view, discouraged from eating raw eggs because health risks such as infection from Salmonella can occur

Fat and cholesterol is a matter that leads to controversial discussions by nutritionists because only about 27 % of the fat is saturated.

What does science say? Several studies have shown that eating eggs and cholesterol contained very little risk of heart disease. The method of preparation of the food are integrated, low-calorie foods can have an impact on how many cal.  Depending on which version you prefer, the calorie content can vary by more than 20 %. The following table shows some of the most common ways to cook eggs, as well as to the expected calorie content.If you have the choice remove the yolk, so you can reduce the calorie content by 75 to 80%.

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