How Many Calories Are There In Egg White

How Many Calories Are There In Egg White

For a long time the bad reputation that an egg increases the cholesterol level of people. A myth that is no longer acceptable for a long time. While cholesterol is present in an egg, but according to many studies, this has little effect on cholesterol levels in humans

Who now but would like to enjoy with a view of his character the egg without repentance, will want to know how many calories does an egg has. A question that is not so easy to answer because eggs are not always the same size and heavy, so the calorie content is different.


The egg and weight

Calories in an egg white depend on the various weight classes of eggs. At least we have seen with certainty before on the packaging. The standardized weight classes S , M, L and XL are used for small to very large eggs :

Small eggs weigh less than 53 grams ,
the average egg weighs 53-63 grams ,
the large L egg 63-73 grams
and the very large egg weighs about 73 grams.

A normal egg – and we’re talking, of course, from the egg – that weighs 53-73 grams. This weight is for the calorie content, so has an egg, of course not negligible. A little egg has fewer calories than a large one. The question ” How many calories does an egg ? ” So can initially only with the question ” how big is the egg? ” will be answered.

Chicken egg – Calories and Nutrition Facts

To determine the calorie content, as we want to know exactly how many calories are there in the special egg and not just as a rule of thumb.

So we go out on the weight and take as a reference the 100 grams. In addition to the calories , there is also the nutritional values . Also, an egg , in addition to protein and fat and carbohydrates :

Egg (100 grams): 154 calories
12.9 g Protein – 11.2 g fat – 0.7g Carbohydrates

Our egg weighs 53-73 grams , so it has 81-112 kilocalories. Who wants to know exactly for his individual egg , which must weigh and calculate. Or he takes an average that is about 96 kcal .

The egg is healthy

Are in the egg , except for vitamin C , almost all vitamins. This makes the egg to a healthy food that covers a lot of our daily requirement of vitamins.

It is also interesting that when the chickens are fed with grains not only food, but also with fresh plants, insects, etc., the eggs have a much higher nutritional value than the eggs of pure fed with grains eggs.

The egg is not only healthy, but due to its high protein content makes it well and sick time. One to 2 eggs per day are represented quite as healthy food for humans.

And who wants to save calories in egg, who considers himself the yolk back more and more, because that is where most of the calories of the egg are hidden . Thus one can, for example, when not every scrambled egg yolk with use, but only half ( 2 eggs : egg whites 2x , 1x egg yolk ) . This works beautifully as well and saves calories.

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